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A recording is only as good as the whole recording process!

This begins with your instrument and continues with the recording room. The right microphone is a crucial decision in this process, as is choosing a high-quality preamp and converter. Remember, what you loose at the beginning of the recording process, you can't get back. That is why we work with the highest quality equipment, We also gladly support you in your decision making to find the best acoustic "space" for your recording.

Every voice, every instrument has their own sound. As does every microphone to suit the instrument. We choose from a wide selection of high-quality microphones the one that becomes a part of your voice or instrument and captures your creative moments, especially fitted to your range, making the most of your sound. (see microphone list for further reference)

Along with the choice of a microphone, it is crucial that much care is taken while selecting the proper microphone technique. Trends show that this particular know how has become forgotten in the recording business. This is why we emphasize it‘s importance. Taking time to position the microphones properly differentiates us from those who work with standard set ups, not even knowing what is lost in the process. We have deep experience in all stereo mixing techniques like coincidence, time of arrival, equivalence and separation microphone stereo techniques, Furthermore, we have a wide range of experience in the area of surround sound recording techniques (with double MS, DECCA Tree, OCT und OCT2 Surround) to give recordings the depth needed and has, as a result, opened up a new sound, offering listeners an unforgettable live music experience.